Our Services


Want to supplement your in-house research and development, when necessary, with the help of an experienced partner? If, for example, you lack the necessary capacity or expertise?

ChemSci is fully equipped to take on a variety of tasks such as:

  • An exploratory or applied research project
  • Literature review based on open scientific and patent literature
  • Material modification
  • Analyzing and optimizing your production process in the lab

Projects with a duration of a few months to years can be handled by ChemSci. All of our research is conducted by research associates with academic backgrounds. You and the researcher communicate frequently over the duration of a project. This guarantees that you stay actively involved and have the ability to lead the research whenever necessary.

Synthetic Chemistry

We provide beneficial discovery chemistry services like process chemistry, custom synthesis, and contract research synthesis.


Custom and Performance Materials

We provide discovery chemistry services for performance chemicals to improve new materials, plastics, coatings, and many other industrial applications, to meet all of your material solution demands.

Bio Polymers and Materials

For the biomedical research community, the biotechnology sector, and the pharmaceutical industry, we synthesise customised biopolymeric materials.


In order to assist clients in achieving their objectives for product development, we can support the delivery of complex chemistry, from literature study to pilot plant.

Polymer Chemistry

ChemSci has significant expertise in polymer science and offer polymer chemistry R&D services, which can include the synthesis of specific polymers, the development of new polymerization technique, and provide analytical services from basic characterization of polymers to investigations involving complex problems.


We have expertise in development of new ligands, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic systems for organo- and organometallic reactions. We are also skilled in performing high-pressure and air-sensitive reactions.


We are providing formulations services in many fields, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, and industrial products. These services may be offered to academic researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and other industrial clients on a contract or fee-for-service basis.



When it comes to microbiological and analytical lab testing, compliance is crucial, and each test matters.Under the microbiological testing, we examine microscopic organisms that could be a single cell, multiple cells etc. Currently we are working on US standard Antimicrobiological testing. Building strong customer partnerships and upholding the highest standard is our commitment to improving and saving lives.

Analysis and Advice

A quick literature scan, characterisation of raw materials and products are just a few of the services that ChemSci may carry out for you.

ChemSci is your partner for both long-term and short-term initiatives. Since the beginning of our business, providing support/advice to improve product quality is part of our commitment to you.

You are aware of exactly what to anticipate from us up front because of our fixed-price policy, quick lead times, and flexibility.

Please get in touch with us if you have any more inquiries.